Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach

Icon September 10, 2016
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Selong Belanak Beach is truly nature beach view with the sand white beach, crystal water sea, clean, and nice for swimming, sunbathing and flaying Cano. Also Selong belanak beach a favorite beach for surfing with a fantastic weave and This beach is a good choice for photograph. Selong belanak beach is located in south part of Lombok it take 2 hours drive from Sengigi or Mataram city or from Lombok International Aiport it take 1,5 hour .

Selong Belanak Beach can be said as one of the most prestigious beaches on Lombok Tourism. The beach is having a curvy shape with hills on each point. This beach is the part of Selong Belanak Bay that faces Indian Ocean. The length of the coastline is not less than 1 km. About a quarter part of the south side of the beach is used by local people as village. There are about 40 families who work as fishermen there. Of course, the area is not recommended for swimming because there are so many fishing boats rest there. If you want to do water sport, it is recommended to do the activities from the central to the north side of the beach. The area is free from local people’s activities. Local and international tourists are able to use the area for beach and water activities. Selong Belanak Beach has the glittering soft white sand and sloping contour. The wave is not so high and the water is perfectly clean.

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