Tanjung Bloam Beach, West Lombok

Tanjung Bloam Beach, West Lombok

Icon July 17, 2016
Icon By Asier Lazkano
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Nambung beach is located in south part of Lombok it take 3 hours drive from Matram and entering to sekotong region. Nambung beach is very charming beach with slat waterfall view and it is olny one in Lombok island as the popular destination with sand white beach view, Crystal water as nice for swimming, and more charming and it’s  make that beach is hunting with photograph.

Tanjung Bloam has soft white sand. Its sea water is so clear and blue. The attraction of Tanjung Bloam is the beauty of the padas rock. There are two padas rocks or cliffs which offer the exotic of Tanjung Bloam beach. On the left, the cliff has a bakpao cake shape. While on the right, the cliff has an irregular shape and jutted toward to the beach. The yellow color of the cliff which is combined with black color, makes it contrast with blue sea water. The scenery of padas hill is so amazing because its surface is covered by green trees.   The beauty of the beach and its surrounding area will have a better view if you climb the Western part of the beach. From this corner, the wide beach, you can see clearly and becomes a amazing  photograph’s spot which is often hunted by tourists when they come to Tanjung Bloam.

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